Hicof – AMACENA Track & Trace Software

The core of the Hicof product offering is the AMACENA database. It combines all ISA-95 levels from 1 to 4 into a single system. By doing so, no interfaces between the ISA-levels are required and only one data repository ensures a single source of truth. The use of AMACENA Serializaiton Software can be offered on subscription base as cloud service or as on-premise client-server solution. The unique selling propositions of AMACENA are:

  • Only one database from one supplier covering all Levels (1 to 4) makes working with the system very easy, prevent data integrity issues
  • Only one Master Data Management repository for product and county specific data is fully compliant to GMP regulations regarding data change and eliminate the manual data synchronisation between several linked systems and its manual documentation
  • AMACENA is fully validated and all software updates for the Cloud version are free of charge
Track & Trace Software
Almacena Structure


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