ESF 60100 – The next generation of labeling solutions for vials and bottles


More flexibility. Easy handling. High process integrity.

Proper marking and labeling can save lives!

Marking and labeling are process steps that are critical to the clear identification of products in pharmaceutical production. Do you want to achieve a high level of process reliability in labeling while at the same time enhancing the quality of your products? If so, we have the perfect bottle and vial labeling solution for you: the ESF 60100.

ESF 60100 – Next-generation labeling machines

  • Zero-Reject-Principle-based labeling process (faulty labels are removed)
  • Gentle container transport with many options for optimization
  • Wide range of processing capabilities (from 2R vials to 1 liter bottles)
  • Simple integration into new and existing production lines

New modular label dispenser system

  • Rapid convertibility to various container and label sizes without tools
  • Outstanding flexibility and quality – label printing modules and vision systems can be added at any time
  • Higher print quality through the use of cutting-edge servo drive technology

Link to ESF 60100 press release